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Gifted Haven

The Gifted Haven is an online international community for the gifted youth, maintained by gifted teens. We aim to create a safe place where gifted teens can talk and meet each other.

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    Rules and More Empty Rules and More

    Post  Admin Wed Apr 01, 2009 3:11 pm

    Thanks for joining us!

    This Board is a Child Board of the Gifted Haven's official one, which can be found at this address :

    We designed this board as a place between the communities of parents and educators, and any other interested person, and our actual board, that is only there for the teens themselves.
    So if you're a gifted teen, or a child less than 13 years old having parental authorization to register, you may continue your journey to the Haven by clicking on the above link and registrating there.
    Otherwise, you are welcome here anyway, and we will be happy to discuss with you as well. Just understand that the Haven is a special place, because it's the only one designed directly and solely for the gifted youth. So we are happy to talk with the others, but we want to keep the specifity of the Haven.

    Other than this, the rules are the same as anywhere else : no spamming, no flooding, no hate talk, no porn, no warez, no illegal stuff, no slandering, no trolls, no flamewars…

    Have fun!

    The Staff

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